Almacén. c/ Esparteros, 7 local 34. 41600 - Arahal (Sevilla)

About us


SERPROQUIM FOOD is a distribution company of food additives, ingredients, flavours and natural colorants.

During our early years, SERPROQUIM FOOD focused its main activities in the Andalusian olive business but thanks to our direct and personalized service, we have experienced a continuous growth since our foundation in the year 2000, leading us to being present today in all food sectors.

Our Headquarters are located in Seville and we have plants and warehouses in Arahal. Thanks to our location and our large fleet of vehicles we can guarantee the effectiveness and agility of our service.

In order to comply with the sector’s demands of personalized products, the idea of having our own mixing and packaging plant was our main project for years. And finally in 2016 we completed the plant construction and equipment installation heading towards obtaining the IFS quality certification.

Since September 2017 our warehouses and plant have the respective IFS Food and IFS Logistics certification.
Distributor of additives and ingredients present in all food sectors.