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As CHR HANSEN distributors, leader company in bacteria, we offer different bacteria or association of lactic bacteria, in order to achieve the best results of pH levels, free and combined acidity, in the dressing process of green olives.

We have more than 30 years of experience using lactic bacteria with very positive results that sustain their effectiveness. Given the fact that the olive sector has faced a considerable evolution in the processes of harvesting, cleaning, “cochura” (debittering), etc., CHR HANSEN with ours and our clients’ collaboration keeps a department of R&D to improve the behaviour of these bacteria with the purpose of obtaining better products and avoid risk areas with unwanted fermentations from other bacteria.

We can provide technical support to our clients on fermentation process control (salt, pH, free and combined acidity).


We also have additives, which are needed for a better conservation of black and green olives.

For non-pasteurized and non-sterilized olives, we have developed our own mixtures.

All of these mixtures are controlled by health inspections and audits from the IFS Food and IFS Logistics (Food Safety certifications).

These mixtures include:

  • Packing brine for olives
  • Packing brine for pickles with olives
  • Anchovy-flavoured complex for olives
  • Anchovy-flavoured complex for pickles with olives


With the purpose of giving the olives (brine) different flavours we provide:

  • Flavours: garlic, bay, oregano, lemon…
  • Mojo picón flavour (seasoned with a spicy red pepper sauce)
  • Mexican flavour
  • Chupadedos flavour (seasoned with oil, pepper and garlic, with a touch of spices)


Following the IFS Food security standards, we have, in our R&D department, developed our own stuffing for:

  • Black olives
  • Green olives

Among other stuffing, we can highlight the following ones:

  • Anchovies
  • Lemon and orange
  • Cheeses: blue, feta, cheddar…
  • Cheese and dill mix
  • Salmon and tuna
  • Shrimp
  • Chorizo and ham
  • Garlic
  • Onion
  • Natural roasted bell pepper


  • Glutamate flavour without E number: due to the important necessity of finding a substitute for monosodium glutamate, our R&D department has developed a glutamate flavour that has been widely accepted in the world of the table olive.
  • Salt reducer flavour: equally, given the high demand of low salt products from consumers, we have worked to develop a flavour that reduces the salt content in the final product, with great acceptance in the market from those who want to reduce or eliminate the salt in their products.


The desserts and dairy products sector has been the key component in the growth of SERPROQUIM FOOD in the last years, thanks to our close relationship with CHR HANSEN (, for whom we are distributors in Andalusia, Murcia and Community of Valencia. This collaboration allows us to offer the best tools to our cheese makers and dairy products manufacturers.

CHR HANSEN has a wide range of products, such as cultures for the manufacturing of any type of dairy product like any variety of cheese, yogurt and fermented milk as well as cultures for plant-based milks:

  • For instance, we have bio protective cultures that increase the dairy product lifespan without adding additives.
  • Wide reference range of probiotics, being the company with more studies of their own strains, like BB-12 and LA-5.

We also have rennet from all kind of animals. After the last agreement with the Austrian company Bioren, we have microbial rennet, animal rennet (spicy goat, lamb, spicy lamb and calf) and our star rennet CHY-MAX (100% chymosin) with a very high specificity, allowing better performances and moreover helping with cheese ripening.

Another available enzyme is the lactase for the manufacturing of lactose-free dairy products, as well as Lactosens®, the reader that permits us to determine lactose concentrations across dairy segments in just 5 minutes allowing to optimize the process.

Finally, CHR HANSEN offers fast antibiotic detectors (tetracyclines, sulfonamides, beta-lactams and quinolones) as well as Aflatoxin M1.

In addition to the CHR HANSEN products, we offer other manufacturing tools like:

  • Calcium chloride
  • Phosphatesmo MI and Lactognost
  • Cheesecloths and moulds
  • Lysozyme
  • Lipase and esterase


SERPROQUIM FOOD is always trying to satisfy the needs and demands of our clients, providing a personalized, effective and competitive service through our sales network team that can reach all Spanish territory. Provided with raw materials, spices, additives, flavours and our own prepared mixtures line that can be customized for better formula performance.

SERPROQUIM FOOD is a distributor of two of the greatest multinational companies in the food industry: CHR HANSEN and TAKASAGO, colorants and flavours in all versions and profiles, natural and nature-identical flavours (ingredients with colorant power). We are proud of having the best innovations and the most advanced applications for the savoury sector, contact us and we will provide an answer to your needs.

SERPROQUIM FOOD adapts to the new demands in the market, we are aware of how changeful it is and of the need of providing new products constantly. We provide advising in the development and innovation of new products (vegan, halal, ethnic, clean label…), and offer equally the best solutions for the replacement of the cochineal carmine, the application of natural smoked flavours (wood smoke), flavour enhancers without number E (GMS substitutes), and other profiles masking flavours.

has a new line of ingredients, from which we can highlight the frozen and canned fish as we have agreements with the local manufacturers of raw materials. We offer and find high quality solutions for all your needs.

Our professional team will advise and work alongside you to reduce costs and improve the quality of the product. Our technicians optimize lines of products, help with the innovation and development of new products in line with the market trends. This, the human approach of our team and the support of the brands we represent are the qualities that distinguish SERPROQUIM FOOD.


Our objective is to respond to the constant and needed demand of resources for the design and innovation of products within the industrial bakery sector as well as chocolate and cacao products.

SERPROQUIM FOOD provides whatever is needed for any project implementation like improvement or development of new products, collaborating from the beginning, or in later stages, with the creation of the product and offering elements to complete their optimal achievement.

Guided by the national and international food industry laws and by our always up-to-date knowledge of market trends, in SERPROQUIM FOOD we assist our clients so they can obtain competitive products with a good market consolidation.