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Oral Care

In SERPROQUIM FOOD we also work with companies which their main activity is Oral Care. Thanks to our close relationship with TAKASAGO we have access to key products for this sector like menthol, synthetic and natural anethole and specially alcohol reducing flavours and flavours that help in the treatment of halitosis. We also provide different colour solutions based in our experience with CHR HANSEN.


In SERPROQUIM FOOD we also have clients that manufacture products for the fitness and dietetics industries. To name a few of these products, we have vitamin complexes, amino acids and specific colorants and flavours for products like sports drinks.


Thanks to TAKASAGO we can offer flavours for shisha tobacco and e-liquids for electronic cigarettes. TAKASAGO is one of the most important international companies for these types of flavours and is always developing new flavour profiles like Pinkyman and Milkrice which were very well received by the market in Russia over the last year.