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Last 21st of February the European Union approved a set of legislative changes regarding the food colour Annatto, which is one of the most used in the cheese industry, that mainly change the labelling.

cultivos naturales para proteger los productos lácteos

In Serproquim we want to be a continuous point of reference in the production and distribution of solutions destined to protect dairy products and in this way help the cheese, milk and yogurt makers providing only the best quality to their consumers.

Chr. Hansen introduces LACTOSENS®R: The second generation of the lactose biosensor test kit, ensuring quick and robust documentation of low lactose or lactose-free claims for every batch.

The LactoSens® kit, launched by the Danish multinational company Chr. Hansen, is revolutionising the food industry by measuring lactose levels with the same precision as the reference method – high-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) at ISO 17025 accredited labs. As the HPLC method requires expensive equipment and highly trained personnel, samples usually need to be sent to an external lab and it takes approximately two days to receive results.