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In SERPROQUIM FOOD we are just as much committed with the quality of our products than with the environment. For that reason, we keep a very close relationship with our providers so we can guarantee that our products always comply with the established standards.

Furthermore, one of our distinctive features is that we have always selected the best quality for the products we offer, opting for natural products.

Our objective is to keep improving day by day so we can be recognized by the quality of our services in balance with a sustainable development.

For that reason, all SERPROQUIM FOOD activities are aimed to prevent pollution, like the emissions produced by our distribution activities or the waste generation during storage, and to satisfy our customers and workers’ needs.

The management takes the responsibility of ensuring the compliance of the current legislation and any other requirement subscribed by the relevant institutions, and is committed to act as a role model so all our staff is actively involved in the achievement of these objectives.

For this reason, in 2016 we finished the installation of the plant and its equipment heading to obtaining the IFS Food certification. We obtained the certification with a high note in September 2017 (the certificate can be found in the following paragraph).

In addition of the mixtures that we are creating for different sectors, we make ourselves available to create any desired mixture or to provide any raw material in the type of packaging that best meet our clients’ individual needs.


IFS Food is a food security regulation recognized by the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) that audits food manufacturing companies and food packaging companies. It is focused in the security and quality of food products.

Currently, SERPROQUIM FOOD has approved the IFS Food regulation and the IFS Logistics regulation.



The application since 1st January 2006 of the current Community legislation related to foodstuffs hygiene (Regulation (EC) No 852/2004 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 29 April 2004 on the hygiene of foodstuffs) establishes the importance of having food-handling staff properly trained in accordance to their job position.

The hygiene training is recognized to be one of the main pillars within the food businesses so they can ensure food safety throughout the food chain, starting with primary production.

The responsibility for training staff in regards of food safety rests with the food business operator.

SERPROQUIM FOOD offers food handling courses with their correspondent certificates. Do not hesitate to contact us if you want to apply or need further information.


The important growth of SERPROQUIM FOOD during all of these years has been sustained mainly by the support we offer to our clients in the production and development of new products areas.

We have always wanted to stand out from our competitors by providing a real technical support to our clients. To reach that goal we have created a perfectly well prepared team and we strive to be constantly up to date with regards of new products and new, easier and cost effective production processes.


SERPROQUIM FOOD relies on the aid of analysis instruments and their correspondent technicians in order to be able to support our clients with the obtained results based on real parameters and not on intuition.