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Serproquim Food has entered into a collaborative agreement with the company Acesur for the sale and distribution of the products belonging to the Olinostrum family.

The Olinostrum family consists mainly of solidified olive and sunflower oils that are used to replace palm and animal fats such as lard, cream and butter.

Through a patented cold crystallisation process, any type of liquid oil can be solidified. Nonetheless, the benchmark elements we are most striving towards are listed below:

  • Refined sunflower seed oil.
  • High oleic sunflower.
  • Refined olive oil.
  • Virgin olive oil.
  • Extra-virgin olive oil. Within this category, we could work with any variety that the client requests of us.

From the organoleptic standpoint, these varieties feature the following characteristics:

  • White colouring, odourless or tasteless: Olinostrum refined sunflower seed oil, high oleic content sunflower and refined olive oils.
  • Green coloured with characteristic oil flavour and bouquet: Olinostrum virgin olive and extra virgin olive oils.

To work with Olinostrum, it is of the utmost importance to take into account its viscosity. The value of that viscosity may be adapted to the customer’s needs, depending on the final application. The most common versions are stated below:

1. Standard viscosity:

    • Equivalent to a butter or fat with melting point between 30-32 ºC.
    • Its texture is similar to a soft ointment.
    • The fully hydrogenated nabine crystalliser is used.
    • It is usually used to make fatty fillings and bakeable pastry-bakery doughs.

2. Low viscosity:

    • It is usually used to make cocoa spreads without palm oil, meaning that it is creamier and easier to spread.
    • It does not have fully hydrogenated rape as a crystalliser. Instead mono and di-glycerides of fatty acids are used. (E-471)
    • Its texture is similar to that of a mousse with an element of aeration.

3. High viscosity (Consistency):

    • Equivalent to a butter or fat with a high melting point, close to 40 ºC.
    • Its texture is hard, firm though with good machinability.
    • Fully hydrogenated nabina crystalliser and approximately 40% fully hydrogenated coconut are used.
    • It is usually used to make fatty fillings and bakeable pastry-bakery doughs. This type of solid oil is special for the preparation of typical Christmas puff pastries and inside-out pastries.

In our tests in the application laboratory, we have observed the following advantages:

  • Being oils, the same melting point as that of the liquid state is retained. This means that when it is present in the final product, it melts quickly in the mouth. Being much more palatable than other types of solid fats.
  • The pastry and biscuit products, after baking, retain their firmness and cohesion better, thus reducing the problems of breakage and cracking that they may have throughout the rest of the production and distribution process.
  • The use of liquid oils in masses or fillings, sometimes, entails problems due to fatty migrations, making the matrices more unstable and obtaining a final product more fragile and with a fatty sensation in its texture. By being crystallised, this issue is reduced, thereby improving the final textures.
  • In bakery and fried pastries, the use of olinostrum as a frying oil has a better yield. The texture of the final product is softer and less oily.

Finally, also comment on the different advantages for the labelling of products:

  • Olinostrum replaces palm oil and offers similar organoleptic and machinability properties to the latter.
  • Saturated fatty acids are significantly reduced, meaning the nutritional information of the final product will be more heart-healthy.
  • Olinostrum is a fat that offers 24 months of preferential consumption, thus it would extend the life of the final product, relative to conventional fats, which are usually 12 months.
  • Being of vegetable origin, it is highly conducive to replacing animal fats to enter the Vegan market.
  • It is ideal for replacing pork fat to enter the Halal market.

Examples of products made with olinostrum:

1. With standard olinostrum viscosity:

    • Traditional Andalusian Christmas sweet delicacies.
    • Cookies made in industrial wire cutting machine.
    • Cookies made with an industrial rolling mill.
    • Sponge cakes.
    • Cider or cream cutters.
    • Easter sweet treats.
    • For Fried Doughnuts.
    • Pastry creams.
    • Chocolate creams and pralines.
    • Cream fillings for kings’ rosettes.

2. With high viscosity olinostrum (Consistency):

    • Inside-out puff pastries.
    • Christmas puff pastries.
    • Pastry creams.
    • Chocolate creams and pralines.
    • Covers of cocoa and white vegetable fat.

3. With low viscosity olinostrum:

    • Chocolate spreads.
    • Fatty pastry fillings.