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The umami flavor is already well known to everyone, the one that has made a niche for itself as the 5th flavor and that has always been with us, thanks, for example, to such deep-rooted and classic preparations of Spanish gastronomy, such as salted fish, cured products such as hams or pickles. But if we go further, we can go back to the beginning of our life, since in the amniotic fluid there is already a higher concentration of glutamate with respect to other free amino acids, as in breast milk where it is also present.

The controversy generated in the early days of monosodium glutamate consumption (Chinese restaurant syndrome) is no small matter, and it continues with or without reason, to the point that some distribution chains and in some countries, its use is frowned upon and has been limited for some time.

For this reason in SERPROQUIM FOOD, we have successful applications for its substitution (natural aroma), to eliminate from the labeling that dreaded E-621, which on the other hand gives us so much satisfaction when consuming it.

There is also another profile called kokumi which, although it is not a recent discovery since its discovery began back in 1980 (glutathione peptide and how it acted with calcium receptors and how this affected sensory), all the relevant news was taken by umami and made it remain almost totally anonymous.

In SERPROQUIM FOOD, we have kokumi type natural aromas that bring roundness to stews, meat preparations and other preparations and what we could compare with the resulting flavor as a result of the refining of a cheese, that sensation that brings a stew cooked for a long time and a low temperature, a real delight.

In the end, both umami and kokumis flavors are more options provided by SERPROQUIM FOOD to achieve a better acceptance of the products in which they are incorporated.

If you think you have tried everything, let our technicians advise you and you will be able to enjoy new profiles, with clean labeling and committed to what the final consumer is looking for at the table.