• Teléfono : +34 954 623 841
  • Oficina: c/ Alberche, 6 local 34, 41005-Sevilla
  • Almacén: c/ Esparteros, 7, 41600-Arahal



SERPROQUIM FOOD always aims to accommodate the needs and demands of our customers, giving a tailor-made service through our network of commercial technicians who work providing service throughout Spain and Portugal, providing customised, effective and competitive attention, having for this function raw materials, spices, additives, dyes, aromas, in addition to our line of preparations (mixes), giving whenever a higher yield is required to your formulations.

SERPROQUIM FOOD is a distributor of two of the largest multinationals in the food sector: OTERRA and TAKASAGO, colorants and aromas in all their versions and profiles, natural and identical to natural (ingredients with colourant power). We are proud to offer state-of-the-art innovations and the most advanced applications for the savoury sector, consult us meaning we will respond to your needs.

SERPROQUIM FOOD adapts to the new demands of the market, we are aware of how changing it is and the need to constantly unveil new innovations. We provide advisory services for new developments and for the innovation of new products (vegan, halal, ethnic, clean label…) we try to offer the best solutions, either for the substitution of cochineal carmine, in the application of smoked natural aromas (noble woods), flavour enhancers without number E (GMS substitutes), concealing aromas’ defects (masking) and any aromatic profile that may need, as well as dyes (cochineal carmine, ingredients with colourant power…) always having the best professional attention from our technicians in any point of the national territory.

SERPROQUIM FOOD has a new line of ingredients, among which frozen fish and canned fish stand out, since we have agreements at source with producers of these raw materials. Thus, we offer and seek solutions to your needs, always from the highest levels of quality.

In addition, our team of professionals advises and will work with you to reduce costs and improve product quality. To do this, our technicians streamline production lines, help innovate and develop new products in line with current market trends. The tailor-made professional care, the support of our clients and the human dealings offered by our technicians is what characterises and sets SERPROQUIM FOOD aside in this function.