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SERPROQUIM FOOD, in its commitment to innovation and the development of new applications, which give real solutions to our customers, has developed a new colourant line: COLORVEG.

This new application adapts to the transformation being generated in the food industry as a result of our society’s raised awareness, which is looking for vegan products, meat hybrids, products without E numbers or with minimal industrial transformation. All these features are combined in our COLORVEG line, which consists of two variants.

We have also taken into account in its development, the possibility of the substitution of mealybug carmine in meat products, where the reduction of E numbers is also being sought.

It is well known by all, that the meat product sector is awaiting a major overhaul, in fact it is in a continuous transformation, due to the change of consumption model of an increasingly large part of society, who seek out more environmentally sustainable products, which have healthier nutritional profiles and with fewer additives.

It is also a fact the increase of people who consider themselves flexitarians, vegetarians and vegans and SERPROQUIM FOOD well in tune with this situation, transforms, innovates and develops COLORVEG.

COLORVEG is the solution to achieve colour with and without aroma in preparations with mainly vegetable protein matrices, but also in meat products, obtaining a clean label (without E numbers) while also boasting excellent organoleptic characteristics.