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The dessert and dairy sector has been a key part of Serproquim Food’s growth in recent years, thanks to the close-knit relationship with CHR-HANSEN (https://www.chr-hansen.com/es), of which we are distributors in Andalusia, Murcia and Valencia. This collaboration allows us to offer cutting-edge tools to our cheesemakers and dairy manufacturers.

CHR-HANSEN has a wide range of products: ferments for the manufacture of any type of dairy product, such as any variety of cheese, yoghurts and fermented milk, as well as ferments for plant-based milks.

  • Within the ferments, bio-protection ferments to increase the shelf life of dairy products without requiring additives.
  • Wide range of probiotic references, being the manufacturer undertaking the highest number of studies into its own strains, such as BB-12 and LA-5.

We also provide curds from all kinds of animals, following the most recent agreement with the Austrian company Bioren, offering a range of microbial curds, animal curds (spicy goat, lamb, spicy lamb and calf) as well as our flagship curd CHY-MAX (100% chymosin) with a very high specificity, attaining thus better yields and above all helping the cheeses to mature.

Another enzyme available is lactase, for the manufacture of lactose-free dairy products, as well as lactosens, a reader that allows us to ascertain whether the elimination process has been properly performed in 5 minutes while being able to optimise the process. Read more.

And finally, CHR-HANSEN has rapid stop detectors for antibiotics (tetracyclines, sulphonamides, beta-lactams and quinolones) as well as Aflatoxin M1.

Alongside CHR-HANSEN products we have other tools for manufacturing such as:

  • Calcium chloride
  • Phosphatesmo MI and Lactognost
  • Cloths and moulds
  • Lysozyme
  • Lipase and Esterase