• Teléfono : +34 954 623 841
  • Oficina: c/ Alberche, 6 local 34, 41005-Sevilla
  • Almacén: c/ Esparteros, 7, 41600-Arahal



Our goal is to respond to the constant and necessary demand for resources to design, develop and innovate products within the confectionery and industrial bakery sectors as well as chocolates and cocoa derivatives.

In SERPROQUIM FOOD, we provide everything necessary to implement the projects both entailing improvement and development of new products, collaborating from the outset in the creation of the design or in later stages and offering elements that complete their optimal completion.

Based on national and international food legislation, along with our up-to-date knowledge of market trends, at SERPROQUIM FOOD we steer customers in obtaining competitive products with sturdy market consolidation.