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In these products we are TAKASAGO brand distributors. Thanks to this relationship, we provide a wide range of aromatic profiles being able to offer our customers almost any type of amortisation, for all types of foodstuffs and not only in the food sector but in Oral Care, shisha tobaccos and e-liquids of electronic cigarettes.

We also have more specialised aromas such as:
  • Sugar and salt reducers.
  • Flavour enhancers such as Umami.
  • Soy masking agents, Stevia, dairy proteins…etc.
  • VIVID® aromas.

On the other hand, TAKASAGO has built its own vanilla plantations in northern Madagascar, as well as cocoa plantations in Brazil and coffee in both Brazil and Japan, and spices and mints in India, which allows us to attain the highest quality standards in terms of these types of aromatic profiles.